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Understanding the Significance of Educating the Girl Child

Understanding the Significance of Educating the Girl Child

Gender equality still has a long way to go before becoming a reality in India, as the girl child is unfortunately still considered a burden in certain sections of the society. Due to the prevailing dominance of patriarchal values, girls often become the victims of gender discrimination and gender stereotyping. Their talents and ambitions are often overlooked and they are not allowed to go to school by their families. VASTRA is a reputed education NGO in Mumbai that works to make primary education accessible to children from underprivileged societies and also actively encourages and promotes education for the girl child.

Hurdles faced by girls in receiving quality education

  • In India, the school dropout rate for girls is alarmingly high at both the elementary and the secondary level, and it is much higher for girls belonging to vulnerable groups.
  • Some of the reasons for this are not just existing societal attitudes towards the education of girls, but also other factors such as long distance between home and school, poor school infrastructure, absence of functional toilets, non-availability of low-cost sanitary napkins, etc.
  • Especially owing to the extreme taboos in disadvantaged sections of the society surrounding menstruation, it is common for many teenage girls of menstrual age to abandon schooling.

Societal restrictions that hinder girls from going to school

  • In rural areas, many parents hesitate to allow their daughters to attend school out of concern for their safety. Many girl children are easy targets of domestic violence and abuse, but such cases often go unreported. Such factors stop girls from receiving the education they deserve.
  • Although child marriage is an illegal practice in India, it is still practised in certain parts especially in rural areas. It robs a girl child of educational opportunities and forces her to step into adult roles that she is not prepared for.
  • When young girls are denied education, they are also deprived of other rights such as quality healthcare, employment opportunities, and more that are easier for boys to get.

The significance of educating the girl child

  • Educating the girl child has the power to transform lives for the better, yet many people underestimate its importance. Sadly, there are still several sections of the society which believe that it is futile to invest their money for the education of girls.
  • Education enables a woman to make her own decisions, improve her familys standard of living, creates more employment options, etc.
  • Primary education can play a pivotal role in furthering India’s socio-economic development. When a girl child receives education, it not only empowers her but also reforms the society as a whole.
  • Apart from enhancing the rate of literacy, educating the girl child can have a major impact in the reduction of gender inequality in India.

The attitude regarding girl child education needs to change if the country wants to progress. There are many organisations which contribute towards the cause of education for girls to fulfil their Corporate Social Responsibility in India. If you are searching online for education NGO nearby me to donate to the cause, VASTRA is one of the most credible NGOs youll find.

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