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About The Trust


is a trust that is built on a foundation of belief and a will to bring a change in the lives of people who are deprived of the essentials of life. With the zeal to create a difference, the NGO since its inception in 2016 has strived to give a fulfilling and flourishing future for people that fail to avail the opportunity or amenities to turn their dreams into reality.

With every step, we work to add building blocks of care and trust to build an empire of contentment for the less fortunate. Through our dedicated team and consistent efforts, we connect lives by bridging the gap between people who are in need and people who wish to contribute to creating a better future for them.

The Inspiration

The establishment of the foundation stemmed from the initiative led by Mr Virchand Anandji Shah, a prosperous textile entrepreneur that donated a certain sum from his annual income to the deprived. He broke the barriers of discrimination and worked towards enlivening the lives of people irrespective of their background.

After his demise, his daughter and our trustee- Mrs Purvi Rohit Pugalia carried his legacy forward by establishing the foundation and named it after her father. This is how the organisation got its name- VASTRA which is an abbreviation of Virchand Anandji Shah’s Trust for Relief for All that illustrates his philosophy and the passion that Mr Anandji had for his textile business.



We work with the aim of making charity less of a soulless CSR activity and more of a thoughtful opportunity for people that willingly aspire to uplift lives. For us, genuine care and concern are paramount that we take into account, always! We strive to become a credible source that people join hands with for building a future that many only envisioned.


To establish VASTRA into an organisation that goes beyond the boundaries of the country to offer relief related to not just one but multiple causes for everyone in need.


The trust is built on several objectives that act as strong pillars, enabling us to do what we do best!

Objective 1

Offering donors the convenience of supporting multiple causes that helps them to create better lives for people in need.

Objective 2

To be an autonomous organisation that does not solely rely on donations.

Objective 3

Connecting people and becoming a credible source that offers assistance and solace to the ones that are distressed.

About The Trustees

Mr Rohit Mohan Pugalia

Mr Rohit Mohan Pugalia, an exceptional entrepreneur that entered the corporate world through the field of finance and maneuvered his way to go beyond the ordinary with every step he took. His entrepreneurial journey involved the establishment of the Soch Group in 2015. Its an initiative that offers assistance to Indian startups and propels them to new heights through the right guidance and by building a sustainable ecosystem. In 2018, he introduced his second trailblazing venture called Munchilicious Granola with the aim to offer the Indian consumers a healthy snack substitute. Furthermore, he has added life to his vision of helping startups by introducing ‘This Or That- the worlds first phygital retail platform thatll aid businesses to make an indelible mark efficiently.

A recipient of ET Business Icon 2020 presented by the Economic Times, Mr Pugalia is a force to reckon with. With four thriving businesses under his belt and investment in over 15 startups, he consistently strives to breathe life into the ideas of the aspirants and to give them a future they deserve.

He further carries on his willingness to make a difference in the lives of people through Vastra- an NGO that creates a silver lining and works incessantly for people in distress and deprived of basic needs.

Mrs. Purvi Rohit Pugalia

Mrs. Purvi Rohit Pugalia is an inspiring entrepreneur and the co-founder of Munchilicious Granola. She sowed the seeds of the promising business by creating her special granola recipes and amalgamated nutrition with taste to offer people a healthy snack. Her penchant for fine taste and health resulted in the incorporation of Munchilious Granola that she started from her home that today comprises 5 different variants. In addition, she along with Mr Rohit Pugalia successfully launched and are running several ventures such as a health food brand- The Rooted Co and a leading fashionable western workwear brand for women- Not So Pink, amongst others

Before she embarked upon her entrepreneurial journey, Mrs. Pugalia focussed on her academics and aced the space by topping the university in Bachelor of Arts (Literature) and then further expanded her knowledge by completing Bachelor of Education. She then found interest in a distinct course in a graphology institution that has transformed her today into a prosperous signature expert and business logo consultant.

She also stepped into her father’s shoes after his demise and continued his legacy of helping the people in need by establishing the NGO- Vastra. Her endeavour to help the unfortunate has become possible because of her practice of planning charity before her expenses. With her utmost dedication and keenness to help the unfortunate, she helps offer relief to those in need through Vastra.