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Street Dogs: A Victim Of Inhumane Acts

Street Dogs: A Victim Of Inhumane Acts

Dogs have been those precious furry friends that are given the title of a mans best friend.’ While a pet dog mostly avails the same affection in return, street dogs on the other hand are often subjected to violence by humans that dont value the life of the voiceless. Over the years, the number of spine-chilling incidents has risen considerably making street dog violence a major concern. VASTRA works towards protecting the street dogs, putting an end to the violence and giving them the care they deserve. Your answer to the search for ‘street dog helpline number near me’ is VASTRA which is always available to help our canine friends and offer them a safe environment

However, it is important to be aware of the violence faced by street dogs in order to take the necessary measures. A few of the horrific incidents are as follows:

1. Stray Dogs Poisoned To Death In Telangana

As per Adulapuram Goutham, an animal rights activist, on March 27th, over 100 stray dogs were allegedly poisoned to death by dog catchers in the Siddipet district of Telangana. As per the activist, the Gram Panchayat Secretary and the village Sarpanch had hired the dog catchers to end their life. Like this, there are several other incidents that have been consistently occurring over the years majorly because of the fear of strays or their barking

2. Street Dog Beaten To Death In Thane

An animal activist, Pankaj Rijhwani witnessed the incident of three men brutally hitting a street dog with sticks to death in Thane. Such acts influence others, especially children who have witnessed such incidents to think that beating a stray or killing them is a good cause. Hitting a stray dog has been one of the common practices in every street across the country that must stop!

If you ever come across such incidents or scenarios where a stray dog or any animal is wounded, you must immediately offer help, connect with a vet or contact a medical NGO that caters to animal welfare.

3. Street Dog Sexually Assaulted And Raped In Hyderabad

A 58 year old man was caught on camera indulging in a sexual act with a dog in Hyderabad. Animal lovers later filed a complaint against the inhumane being after watching the CCTV footage. While rape and assault have been a major cause of concern for women and men, both the horrendous acts have also become a worrisome problem for stray animals. Sexually assaulting and raping anyone, be it a human or an animal is an offensive crime and traumatising for the victim. We must ensure to stand up and report any such incidents and help the ones in need.

The street dogs are harassed and abused on a daily basis by ruthless humans that consider stray dogs as mere toys or a major threat. We should work dedicatedly to put an end to such heinous acts by either protecting them. Contact a credible NGO in Mumbai or anywhere in India like VASTRA that can give stray dogs the care they need.

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