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8 Reasons Why Vaccinations Are Crucial for Our Health

8 Reasons Why Vaccinations Are Crucial for Our Health

Vaccination is a basic healthcare necessity essential for every human being regardless of their societal status or economic background, as it provides effective protection to the body from several diseases. Being one of the leading health NGOs in India, VASTRA strives to make vaccines accessible to the underprivileged sections of society.

1. They Are Safe And Effective

Vaccines go through a series of compulsory trials before they are made available to the public. Additionally, health regulatory agencies also monitor the vaccine for any unusual side effects that it could result in. Vaccines are only administered to individuals after rigorous testing and research, so you can be rest assured that they are absolutely safe and will give the desired results without causing any harmful side effects.

2. They Strengthen Your Natural Immunity

Our immunity is our bodys natural defence mechanism, and getting vaccinated can strengthen it further to protect us from a variety of common illnesses like typhoid, measles, influenza, etc. For example, the COVID-19 vaccines are improving resistance in vaccinated individuals and helping them fight it off better.

3. They Help Save Lives By Eradicating Dangerous Diseases

Thanks to the introduction of vaccines, deadly diseases like polio and smallpox have been completely eradicated from a majority of countries across the entire world. It is said that up to 3 million deaths can be prevented globally due to vaccination.

4. They Increase Life Expectancy And Reduce Medical Expenses

Diseases like polio, tetanus, rubella etc. can lead to serious problems which can make you incur exorbitant medical expenses. Timely vaccination can easily help to prevent such diseases, in turn saving you from unnecessary expenses for treatment in the future. Being protected from different diseases also greatly enhances the life expectancy of an individual.

5. They Can Create Herd Immunity

When the majority of the population becomes immune to a certain disease, it leads to a phenomenon known as herd immunity. Vaccination slows down the spread of infection-causing pathogens by shedding them and retarding transmission, because of which the whole community becomes immune, and not only those persons who have been vaccinated. Due to herd immunity, some diseases can be curbed even if not all individuals in the community have been immunised.

6. Childhood Vaccinations Are Beneficial In The Long Run

Infants and young children are highly vulnerable to life-threatening infections, and early vaccination can protect them from several diseases in the long run.

7. They Help Prevent Related Diseases

Vaccines don’t just protect against the targeted disease, but also against other diseases that are related to it. For instance, the Measles vaccine can offer protection against diseases like bacterial pneumonia, dysentery, etc. as well.

8. They Enhance Socio-Economic Equality

The impoverished tend to be at greater risk for contracting infectious diseases, hence vaccinations are extremely beneficial for them. Vaccines can help bring down high infant mortality that can be caused by such diseases, thus improving quality of life and contributing to socio-economic equality.

These are the various benefits of vaccination that you must know about. VASTRA, the reliable health NGO in Mumbai, is also an NGO working for education, animal welfare, and other noble causes.

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