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7 Ways of Keeping Animals Safe This Holi

7 Ways of Keeping Animals Safe This Holi

Holi is the beautiful festival of colours that paints every street with joy, excitement and celebration. However, this happening celebration becomes a dreadful day for our furry friends. We have our own way of celebrating Holi but inflicting our practice of ‘celebration upon the animals makes the festival a petrifying event. From colours to water balloons and more, each thrilling activity can affect animals both psychologically and physically. VASTRA- a leading NGO in Mumbai and other organisations too in India work to protect animals during festivals but we as an individual should also be aware of certain actions that can help our fuzzy companions be safe.

Heres how you can do your bit to keep them safe and secure:

1. Know the consequences

The colour powders that are used during Holi are curated with synthetic colours that comprise dyes and toxic metals. These toxins can have adverse effects on animals such as rashes, skin allergies and even blindness. Animals that consume the powder while grooming themselves can experience stomach discomfort, other illnesses that can also be fatal. When animals inhale the powder, it can cause respiratory allergies, nasal irritation and infections. Hair loss and dermatitis can also occur after drinking the coloured water.

2. Educate children

Teach kids how to treat animals, especially during festivals like Diwali, Holi, etc. Educate them about what they should do to help them secure the animals.

3. Keep animals indoors

Every NGO in Mumbai and across India would suggest keeping the animals enclosed in safe spaces to protect them during festivals. Make sure to keep a safe distance from the animals while celebrating.

4. Assist community stray animals

If you come across any animal that is experiencing discomfort due to ingestion or colour powders, offer immediate help. If the condition persists, get help from a veterinarian.

5. Create awareness

With the help of building managers and housing associations put up notices to remind the tenants to keep their furry friends indoors and protect them from colours and water.

6. Keep Holi beverages and eatables away from the animals

Make sure to keep the animals away from ingredients such as raisins, chocolate and cream that can make them extremely sick. Opt for canine-friendly treats for them to enjoy and celebrate the festival in a safe manner.

7. Make use of a mild shampoo to clean animal fur

It is advisable to make use of a mild yet effective shampoo to remove coloured powder from the animal’s hair. Please do not use kerosene, hair oil, alcohol or any other application to get rid of the colour.

It is time for us to get rationale and help our voiceless friends during events that are a celebration for us but a nightmare for them. If you wish to get help and are searching for a credible NGO nearby me’ then VASTRA is your answer. We are a leading NGO that lends a helping hand to everyone in need, even animals. We work to provide them with a secure environment that allows them to live in peace. Get in touch to let animals enjoy a safe Holi.

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