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6 Ways To Help Stray Animals This Monsoon

6 Ways To Help Stray Animals This Monsoon

The monsoon season is upon us again, providing us a calming respite from the scorching summers. But while it is enjoyable for those of us with a roof over our heads, it can also bring many hardships for the homeless people and street animals. Stray animals in particular suffer the most during this season, so if you desire to lend them a helping hand, you can get in touch with a reputed animal welfare NGO in Mumbai, India, like VASTRA.

Following Are 6 Ways In Which You Can Help Your Local Stray Animals This Monsoon:

1. Offering temporary shelter around your house

Stray animals become more vulnerable in the monsoon season as they do not have a shelter to take cover under when it rains. Therefore to keep them safe during rainy days, you can provide them with a temporary shelter inside your house or building premises. Alternatively, you can also build them a protective shelter using cardboard boxes, plastic sheets, etc. which can shield the innocent creatures from the rains.

2. Providing care and treatment during rainy days

Just like in humans, water-borne diseases are quite common among animals too during the monsoon - hence you should always provide your local strays with clean drinking water. Apart from that, there are high chances of a wounded stray animal’s injuries aggravating further after getting wet in the rains, making them prone to infections which may also lead to maggots in severe cases. You can prevent such infections by rubbing anti-tick powder into their fur or coat regularly.

3. Feeding them daily

It is important to feed local stray animals daily because they find it extremely difficult to find food during the rains, which may result in a number of health problems due to starvation. Quality dog and cat food is easily available in the market as well as online these days, so you can prevent the strays in your locality from going hungry by feeding them such healthy food everyday.

4. Reaching out to an animal NGO

Sometimes when you come across a stray animal in distress, you may be unable to handle the situation on your own. In such times, you can quickly search online for the term ‘animal NGO near me. Of the different NGOs that you’ll see on running this search, VASTRA is a reliable name that works to lend the required assistance to stray animals in need of help.

5. Create awareness

You can create awareness about the struggles of street animals by simply sharing posts by NGO social media handles regarding animal adoption, fundraising, etc. and also encourage your friends to spread the word.

6. Seeking veterinary attention

If you see a stray animal that is critically injured or ill, waste no time in giving it the medical attention it needs. You must immediately make arrangements to take it to a nearby veterinary clinic, or request the vet to rush to your location if possible.

VASTRA is a trusted animal welfare NGO where our team takes sincere efforts to help stray animals. If you wish to support us, you can do so by becoming a volunteer or donating towards the cause on our website.

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