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5 Major Factors That Affect the Health of Indian Women

5 Major Factors That Affect the Health of Indian Women

Although the life expectancy of females at birth is higher than males globally, many Indian women experience an earlier death than their male counterparts. This occurs due to the various societal restraints imposed on women in our nation, especially those belonging to vulnerable groups. VASTRA being one of the trusted health NGOs in India tries to end this discrimination and improve healthcare access for all underprivileged people.

There are various factors at play that bear an influence not only on the woman’s own physical and mental well-being but also that of her family. They are as under:

5 Major Factors Impacting the Health of Indian Women
  1. Multiple pregnancies

    Many women are forced to get pregnant frequently due to the Indian society’s obsession with the male child. A woman deserves adequate nutrition and rest during pregnancy and also after delivery, but not all of them have the luxury to avail of it. Additionally, evils like female foeticide, closely spaced births, etc. can wreak greater havoc on their health. More than 1,00,000 lakh women in India die every year because of pregnancy-related complications.

  2. Illiteracy and poverty

    Factors like rampant poverty and illiteracy also affect women’s health. Therefore, VASTRA also works as a leading educational NGO in India to make education accessible to those who cannot avail it. Particularly the women from rural areas are unable to access quality healthcare as medical facilities are often distant from their homes. This coupled with the insufficiency of proper hygiene facilities can further contribute to diseases like cervical cancer, urinary tract infection (UTI), and other severe health problems among women.

  3. Inadequate nutrition

    It is imperative for women to have the right knowledge about their diet plans during pregnancy and also after childbirth. But unfortunately in India, they are often ignorant about such aspects. In backward families, the female members have their meals only after the male members are done. Not getting enough food and the resulting nutritional deficiencies can result in malnourishment, anaemia, etc. in such women. Also, a majority of births in the country take place at homes without the supervision of a qualified medical professional, which is responsible for the high maternal mortality rates in the country.

  4. Skewed sex ratio

    Due to the high preference for a male child in our society, many women are forced to undergo a sex determination test despite it being illegal and have multiple abortions if she is carrying a female foetus. In some backward villages, girls are either killed or left to starve as soon as they are born. The girl child is frequently neglected in most families, and is not given adequate nutrition and care. Diarrhoea is still one of the leading causes of death among young Indian girls and poses a major challenge to the country’s healthcare system.

  5. Violence against women

    Violence against women is also a health issue, but it is usually ignored and dismissed. This is a serious issue because it depletes a woman's emotional and physical energy. Every five minutes, a violent crime against a woman is reported in the nation. Because such cases are criminal in nature, most hospitals refuse to treat them, which deteriorates their health and well-being.

    So, these are the factors influencing the health of our nation’s women. If you wish to contribute towards the cause of healthcare, you can search online for “NGO nearby me” and find VASTRA, the trusted health NGO that you can donate to or volunteer with.

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