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5 Common Myths About Street Dogs Debunked

5 Common Myths About Street Dogs Debunked

When street dogs come your way sniffing, wagging their tail and looking at you with their innocent puppy eyes, they want nothing and mean no harm. All they want is just a little affection and nothing more. In India, for a few people, even the sight of street dogs is horrifying. It brings out a feeling of not just fear but also, disgust and even apathy. This might possibly be because of the myths and rumours that revolve around street dogs. Various animal welfare organizations are trying to spread awareness about these myths. Here are a few myths that people must know:

1. Street dogs are dangerous

No animal will hurt or bite you for no reason. Their actions are reflexes to how you treat them. They wouldn’t harm or chase you just because they can. Just like humans, past and present experiences affect the way dogs behave. They might get triggered because of aggressive action from your side. If you treat them nicely and respect their space, they will do the same for you.

2. Street dogs carry diseases and are unhygienic

Street dogs do not have homes to live nor do they have pet parents to look after them. These poor creatures live in dirt and feed on scrap for survival. This is the reason they look filthy and unhygienic. Therefore, next time you spot a stray, you must try to feed them and serve them with clean water. If you cannot do it yourself, you can simply look for a ‘street dog helpline number near me and contact them.

Although mostly, dogs do not carry any human disease germs, they might cause minor skin allergies and trigger your existing ones. But these are easily curable and vaccinations can be applied to avoid them.

3. Street dogs arent friendly

The way street dogs treat you totally depends upon the way they have or are being treated. If they grew up being mistreated by humans, they might not come easily to you. But if they grew up around affectionate and caring individuals that took good care of them, they will treat you the same way. It takes a little patience to make friends with street dogs, practices like feeding them regularly and tossing them a treat now and then might help fasten the process.

4. Street dogs and Indie breeds cannot be good pets

The entire dog family comes under the category of domestic animals with no exceptions for street dogs. Indie Breeds or strays are as friendly and smart as any other breed of dogs. They can be trained too. In fact, they are extremely loyal and being a native of India they are very well-suited for living in Indian climatic conditions.

5. Street dogs dont treat humans as good as expensive breeds

Just as mentioned earlier, street dogs treat you just the way you treat them. If you are petting a stray, it will only treat you and behave the way you train them to.

If you are a dog lover, wish to do something for our little street friends and are searching for an ‘animal NGO near me’, VASTRA is your answer. Being a leading animal welfare NGO we work to offer them a safe and secure environment to live.

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