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Building Futures

At VASTRA - a credible NGO in Mumbai, we work towards providing people with unlived dreams a fulfilling tomorrow.


We Become The
Helping Hands In Need

We act as a breath of fresh air in the lives of people deprived of basic necessities by providing them with essentials that are fundamental.


Touching Lives For
A Promising Tomorrow

Through our constant efforts, we paint a landscape of an adequate future for people who deserve a happy life.

What We Do

How We Make a Difference

Be it taking ahead the legacy of India corporate social responsibility or helping to make a change directly, we do it all to give people in need a fulfilling life without losing sleep

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About Us

Help Isnt Just A Word, But A Motto For Us.

We work devotedly to providing assistance to individuals in distress for them to de-stress from the plethora of worries in life.

Since 2016, VASTRA has been a promising NGO in Mumbai that has strived to make a difference in the lives of people in need through the kind deeds of many who wish to bring a change. Were an NGO that is built on the foundation of hope and belief, and offer the same through a dedicated team.

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We Have a Team of Believers

Vastra has a family of dedicated volunteers that unite to make a difference.

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The Four Main Causes That We Stand For


Infrastructure Assistance

Educational Support

Animal Welfare

Why Should You Donate?

There are millions out there deprived of basic necessities and crushed under the burden of worries. Donation is their source of hope that blankets their agony and gives them the comfort and care to live a future theyve imagined. By giving, you also enliven your spirits and extend support to a cause that makes a significant change in the lives of thousands of people. Become a source of happiness through giving with VASTRA - a trustworthy NGO in Mumbai!

How We've Helped

Vastra Projects

We go beyond the search term - ‘credible NGO near me and instead we prove it through the several activities weve indulged in:


Infrastructure Development

We turned an NGO creche in Khar Danda into a lively place of learning by painting the walls, incorporating imperative content from the syllabus, making the space more engaging and appealing.


Help for the ones in need

Provided food, ration and kitchen utensils every month for individuals (5-70 years) at the Cerebral Palsy Association of India.

Child Care

Support for children

Making 3 primary schools in Pune a better place to learn through comprehensive infrastructure developments which includes installation of fans, windows, LED lights and more.


Keeping bellies full

Ration kits were provided to families every month during the pandemic.

Monthly food drive was organised during lockdown for approximately 1500 people in Kalina and Khar.


Taking steps to bring a change

Support to 70-80 villagers was offered for 6-8 months while the Ganeshpuri Temple located close to Virar was non-functional


Help for the ones in need

Provided food, ration and kitchen utensils every month for individuals (5-70 years) at the Cerebral Palsy Association of India.

Goal: 25 000
Date: 23 Jan'19

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